Married life crisis is not new. You are not alone- everyone else too is having its Sweet and bitter taste… Here is why.

My Dad passed away last year I was extremely close to him. Now that he is not with me, it reminds me many discussions I used to have with him. I would like to share one such conversation with him with all of you.

There was a time when I used to have my evening tea with my dad. While we were having general discussions, my dad suddenly changed the topic and told me- Ravi! I will today tell you the secret of a long lasting married life. Needless to add, the married life of my parents lasted for 70 very long years and till he died. Do you want to know about it, he asked me?

Yes dad, I do.

According to him the first 15 years of a married life can be divided into three equal phases of 5 years.

PHASE 1: when two people get married, it is marriage of two different mindset. In this phase of 5 years, it is husband who speaks and wife listens. By and large good phase.

PHASE 2: In this phase of 5 years, wife takes over her husband. She speaks and husband listens to her. This phase is not bad.

PHASE 3: Phase 3 is the most crucial phase of a married life. In this phase, husband and wife both speak and their NEIGHBOURS listen to them.

As my curiosity was going up, I asked my dad, Dad! What will happen after phase 3? He started laughing loudly and told me.

Ravi, phase 3 is the most difficult period of a married life. If you can successfully cross phase 3, what will happen is this:

Going though three phases in 15 years of married life, either the wife or husband will attain maturity and will keep his or her mouth shut and this will lead to a long lasting married life.

He summed up by saying- “This is the unwritten rules of a married life and I have seen it happening with every married couples,  barring a few exceptions


If you want a long lasting married life, cross phase 3 successfully.



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  1. You are right.But as has been said in phase 3,the problem arises also because of each person fails to adjust with each other expectations and therefore both husband and wife speak unlike in phase 1 and 2 where only one person speak and other listen..
    So if both the partner want a long lasting marrige,one of them will be matured enough to keep his mouth shut and that is the only way to cross phase 3.
    Thanks for your comment.


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