After all,just because you do good deed to a scorpion,it does not mean that it will stop him from stinging you,because to sting is his nature.

You must have heard people saying-‘I never thought he would do this to me,not after all that I did for him!’ you may have said this to you too.The sense of betrayal,of being let down,is disgusting.And yet,it seems to recur with unfailing regularity-and it happens in offices,in relationship,in lives.The sense of hurt seems to get compounded by the belief that we did so much for that person.The notion is that since we have done so much for that person-we have possibly bought out his right to do something that would hurt us.

But it may not necessarily happen that way,and it mostly do not happen that way.This is the Reality and the sooner we accept it the better for us.

Have you heard the story of the Scorpion and the frog? Once a scorpion wanted to cross the stream,but since he could not swim,he went over to the frog and requested him to allow him to ride on his back.I cannot swim!!The frog said,I cannot possibly let you do that.You are a scorpion.you will sting me.The scorpion said to frog-I could not possibly do that,because if I did we would both  drown! So you can trust me on this.

Sensing the logic and seeing an opportunity to speak of one’s achievement for having helped a scorpion across,the frog agreed. Well,when they were  in the middle of the stream,the scorpion stung the frog.The frog shockingly asked-why did you do that? He quickly started going down in the water. ‘Because I am a scorpion’ came the reply,as both the frog and scorpion drowned.

What is important here to remember: Just because you do a good deed to a scorpion,it does not necessarily mean that it will stop him from stinging you.


Scorpion will be Scorpion.They sting and will sting.Expecting otherwise will only set you up for a big disappointment-time and again!!



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