If your reply is ‘YES’,think again and if ‘NO’-stop condemning others!!

We all have vice of can easily fall into the habit of condemning others,even those we love most.we have tendency to criticize the way someone eats or the manner in which others speak and walk.we focus on the most minute details and find fault with small issues.This is a reality we cannot deny.But please remember,what we focus on grows.And if we keep focusing on a small weakness in someone,it will continue to grow in our mind until we perceive it to be a big problem in that person.

I have now a question to you! Do you really want to live in a world of like minded people where everyone looked,acted and thought exactly as you do?In my view it could be a very boring place.It would  be right to say that richness of our society comes from its diversity.What can make relationship,community and countries memorable are not the things that we have in common but the differences and diverse cultures that can make this world unique.India is a live example of this.we should begin to respect differences and diversity rather looking for things to criticize in those around you.

We often perceive in others the weakness we most need to address within ourselves.So,please avoid blaming and condemning.Accept full responsibility for the way things are and resolve to work on changing yourself before seeking to change others.This could be a clear sign of a person of strong character.


Remember Erica jong’s saying,”Take your life into your own hands and what happens?

A terrible thing: no one to blame”.




As i am also a life coach, if you so desire, you can refer to me  your personal, professional and family issues either through my blog or my email (given below) and I would send you my advice within a week.I am extending my services  to you for a very nominal  fee of 1 $ per advice which I only want to charge because when you get something free, you do not value it.My main objective

is to give you the benefit of my knowledge and three decades experience  so that you begin to think and understand life issues in an appropriate and rational manner and right perspective and lead a calm,anxiety free and happy life.

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Thanks and Regards.

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