BE A MAN OF WORD!! Your ability to keep up your word or promise determines your true character and who you are!!


In the word of Vijay Eswaran:

“Saying the right words only sells your intention.

While showing that you mean what you say can buy trust,

However, doing what you say, SEALS IT.”

There was a time when people were a man of word. They would honor their word and promise under all circumstance. Keeping their word was like worshiping a God. But time has changed. We now live in a time when people hardly have any importance for their word and they treat their words very lightly. We tell a friend we will call her next week for lunch knowing full well we do not have the time to do so. We tell our friend that we will certainly attend his marriage ceremony knowing full well that we will never attend it. And we promise ourselves on the new year day that we will adopt to a fitness regime on the new year day next year to get back into shape, change our life style and simplify our lives without any real intention of doing it or making the deep life changes necessary to achieve these goals.

We don’t really mean what we say and thus habit has become our way of life. The real problem is that when you don’t keep your word, you lose your credibility, you break the bond of trust. And breaking the bond of trusts ultimately leads to a string of broken heart and relationship. You will never be taken seriously or trusted by others.

I cannot suggest you any ready made formulae to develop a habit of keeping your word, and promise. But yes, I can definitely suggest you one thing. IF YOU CAN SEE IT IN YOUR MIND, YOU CAN HOLD IT IN YOUR HAND. I religously follow and implement this saying in my life. Every time you do not keep your word or promise, you feed the habit of UNTRUTHFUL AND UNRELIABLE.

When you promise someone you will do something, JUST DO IT. Be a person of your word rather than being “ALL TALK AND NO ACTION.”



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