1-The first step is to know how to sell yourself before you sell your product-demonstrate your charm,charisma and business etiquettes.

2-The second step is to know what to sell (Product knowledge).

3-The third step is to know where &to whom to sell the product(Markets and Customers)

4-The fourth step is to know the use  of the product in specific market and outlets(Application)

5-The fifth step is to know-how to organize and oversee a marketing territory(Territory Management)

6- The sixth step is to know execution of territory marketing plan on a daily,weekly and monthly basis.(Time Management)

7-The seventh step is to know-how to market the product in the most effective way(Marketing Technique)

8-The eighth step is to know-who should market the product(Marketing Team)

9-The ninth step is to know-why should the customers buy the product.(Benefits & value addition)

10-The tenth step is to know-what is the proof that your product is good(Quality proof from reputed labs)

These are the basic,systematic and foolproof marketing approach which you may have to stratagize and fine tune according to market and customers needs and effectively market your product to step-up your company’s bottom line eg PROFIT.





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