We start to live our lives from the day we start to take our very first  breath that god has given to us.Our purpose starts to take shape.With that first breath,we also step in the world which has endless failure for people who give up and astounding success for individuals who never give up trying.Money,fame ,success…all this has no meaning if the person has not worked harder and harder each day in order to achieve it.

We often hear…”HARDWORK IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS”;for achieving anything, hardwork is must.Work is a great rescue for all difficulties.Constant vigilance and dedication towards work is the price that we pay to gain success in life.Without hardwork, one cannot achieve,but can only dream and desire of achieving it.People go through certain phases in life….good and tough times.We are all humans,we all have that capability to make life as it existed in our dreams.When our time to experience that ‘dream’finally arrives,we forget almost everything and we ultimately get lost in that success,that success which we have been desperately wanting since forever.But somehow,when we actually start to live that dream,we forget about how to make it last forever.In that particular time we only think of our present and not future and hence we face hardship in our future.

The longest journey that we as human being will ever go through is the journey of life.Life has its ups and downs and at the most unexpected time,can go into a horrifying downfall,which has rough and bumpy corners.We eventually ask ourselves,”do we have any control on what our future holds or which turn we will take?

It is  true that life cannot be perfect all the time.Once in a life time,every person faces ups and downs in their lives.It is also  true that an individual with his strength to hold on and with the power of determination can conquer any battle,even if it is the “BATTLE OF LIFE”.Man is born to to work,prosper and grow in life.Just like steel,he shines in use and rusts in rest.

How does it matter if a man lives for ninety years and it is all a story of idleness and wasted opportunities? Lord Jesus Christ died when he was hardly thirty,Lenin died before he was sixty,and yet they have impressions on human history.Idleness  is truly a curse.If we waste time,time shall waste us.A life crammed with work is a life bubbling with a joy of success.Great men of the world were born as unfortunates in cottages but they died in idols,in palaces.

To sum up,greatness and success lie in hard,honest and selfless can be hard to understand and I don’t think even the person most in touch with themselves knows why they were put on  this earth.I believe that we were put on this earth for a reason,big or small.Do we have a plan of our life set out for us already,that we have to follow,no matter how much we try to change it!!


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