To be an effective leader, your people have to trust you and they have to be sold your vision.To get people develop such confidence in your leadership ability, you have to help them reach their own goal, and you have to possess an energy and positive attitude that is contagious-Says Ravi Singh

What makes people want to follow a particular leader? Honestly,there has never been much of a mystery about it.People want to be guided by those they respect, who are worthy of being followed and by those who have a clear sense of direction.So to become a successful leader,we have to convince our followers-not over ourselves or our superiors that we are credible leaders who are worthy of being followed!!

  1. GREAT MANAGERS vs GREAT LEADERS:There is a whole of a difference between a great manager and a great leader.Managers are people who do things right while leaders are people who do the right things.

  1. BE SOMEONE WHOM YOUR FOLLOWERS TRUST: You gain the trust of others by keeping your word,by doing what you you say will do.It is also important to stand up for your beliefs instead of shifting direction every time there is change in wind.People like to trust those they can count on,even when they disagree with their viewpoint, more than people they agree but who shift positions frequently.

  1. CONVINCE PEOPLE THAT YOU CAN MEET THEIR NEEDS: You begin by becoming good listener,and do something that convince them that you have their interest at heart.

  1. PROVING YOUR COMPETENCE: The surest way to prove your competence is to be consistently right.Obviously,that is not always going to be the case.Since you cannot exert total control over your track record,atleast try this!! Be clear what you know and what you do not know.Don’t pretend you have got all answers,or you have powers over factors which you cannot control. Continue your own education through training programme,by reading, and by talking to industry people outside your company.Therefore,continuously work to improve yourself.

  1. TOP 10 CHARACTERISTIC OF A LEADER: Integrity, imaginative/visionary, Competent, Forward-looking, Inspiring, Intelligent, Fair-minded, Broad-minded, courageous and Straightforward.

DEVELOPING A VISION:Picture what it must have been like for Piano turned milkshake-mixture salesman Ray Kroc to deliver eight machines to Richard & Maurice McDonald’s Bernardino Restaurant in 1952 to discover the line of customers waiting for hamburger and to come to sudden realization that he could probably make a fortune by franchising the McDonald brother’s drive-in-restaurant.(During the next five year’s Kroc organized a chain of 228 McDonald’s restaurant-the rest is, as we all know, is history)

The first basic ingredient of leadership is a guiding vision. Visionaries are able to focus sharply on a future that is filled with creative fresh ideas. Leaders reach for any opportunities to change, grow and improve and out of that reaching, they develop a vision for what needs to be done.

Find something that is not broken and fix it before it breaks. Assume that someday your company’s practices and products will be all wrong, and before that time arrives, figure out a way to improve or replace them.



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