Secret of maintaining a healthy Relationship.

  • HONESTY: This is the first &foremost quality you should have to maintain a Healthy Relationship. Be honest in everything you do.


  • GOOD HUMAN BEING: you can handle any or multiple complex Relationship provided you are a good human being.


  • About 99.9% Relationship fell apart because of communication problem they just don’t communicate with each other.Right communication does not mean what you ‘say’ to others but what is perceived by others.PLEASE ALWAYS COMMUNICATE effectively.


  • DEFEAT-There is no word like ‘DEFEAT’ in a Relationship.At times,you must learn to take one step back to maintain a harmonious Relationship.


  • IGNORE-Learn to ignore certain negative behavior in a person for a better relationship.


  • RESPECT-Always have respect for other’s views and feeling,be patient to listen to others.


  • COMMITMENT-Never back out from your commitment.


  • GIVE &TAKE: Never think what others have given to you.Think what you can give to others and make it a way of life.


  • Avoid ‘Fly by Night’ approach and maintain Relationship in ‘ Thick&Thin’ situation.Accept both good and bad in any relationship.