• Being a flop at one or two things is not the end of life and it does not have to cause a crisis of confidence-ITS QUITE NORMAL. If you have the mental strength to withstand such flops-learn from such flops and move ahead in life without ever giving up-SUCCESS IS GUARANTEED.


  • All of us must play the hand we have been dealt.we can enhance natural talents with education,practice,concentration &Will.But it is dangerous fantasy to imagine that we can ignore our physical and mental limits.


  • Yet maximizing your talent is only the half battle, and in many cases the easiest part.What is most difficult is figuring out where your talents lie.


  • Whatever we decide to try,do not be afraid to start again if the job disappoints you or your performance(be candid with yourself) is disappointing. Motivation comes largely from success breeding success.


  • Reading results means reading yourself.Learn to understand when you have done well,when you have done badly,when you can improve and when you have reached your limitation.Just learn these four things and you are surely ahead of everybody.


  • There are numerous ways to check the right assessment of your performance and how well-suited you are for a particular job or position.


  • To begin with,ask your immediate boss for a frank appraisal.And listen to answer.It is human nature to hear what we want to hear and block out the rest. Most bosses start tactfully with good news.Only later in the conversation will they get to what bothers them about you,your performance or suitability for the position.


  • These sessions clear the air and give you valuable advice to work on.You may pick up easy ways to put yourself on a fast track.And even if the critique is devastating,it is better to know your status than not to know.


  • Being a flop at one or twenty things is not the end of everything in life and it does not have to cause a crisis of confidence.It is perfectly ‘NORMAL’.But if you have the ‘MENTAL STRENGTH’ to put up a brave face to these ‘REPEATED FLOPS’ and learn from it-your success is guaranteed!!



Feedback is learning about yourself-whether from your boss or from a friend.It will almost always point you in the RIGHT DIRECTION

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