Star Performers may also get a Pink Slip!!(Have a Backup Plan)

Does it not sound strange? But it’s a true story.

I started my Marketing Career with a British Multinational company at the shop floor level in 1979 and became the General Manager (Mkt) of the largest corporate Indian company. I was at the peak of my career. And had every thing one could possibly ask for in a corporate career-status, money, furnished Company’s House, AC car, Air travel, stay in 5 star hotel and many other perquisities. It was at this stage when I found my job profile monotonous and least challenging.Since our company was virtually in monopolistic business,I was practically not doing any marketing but only handling distribution of the products in the market place.

I, therefore, decided to meet the CEO of our company and it happened very shortly. During our meeting I told him,’Sir,there is no excitement and challenge in my present work,because I am not doing any marketing but only distribution of the product and I want to get out of my comfort zone’.He appreciated my concern and made me the in-charge the marketing of a newly born business which needed to be developed and established in the market place.In other words,I was to start from the scratch and give it a respectable shape in a targeted time.

It was a very  challenging task but I was happy to accept it.I was given a team of competent but inexperienced civil engineers.I worked hard to develop their marketing skill which was needed for the success of this project.This was the year 2002 when I was 50 and had another 10 years to work with this company.In the same year I took 10 year home-loan of 20 lacks and bought two flats in Mumbai’s posh area.Since,I had the company’s house,my planning was to rent-out these two flats for the next 10 years and pay the monthly EMI of the bank and pay off total bank loan in 10 years.

Every thing was going excellent in my professional and personal life.In a year’s time,I build up my team very strong and gave a desired shape to the new business and it was now time to reap the fruits of hard work that I had put in along with my team.It was at this juncture I had  crossed the average age level of the company as per the company policy. Since,I had developed a very competent team,it was felt that the remaining left out task could be carried out by this team and one of and one of my junior colleague whom I had trained fit in all respect. Since the company’s policy was to maintain the average age level of the employee,which I had crossed,and the company had an option to carry out this business through an alternate source,I was called by The HRD head and politely asked to put up my papers-which was my award for successfully. Establishing a new business through my hard and dedicated work.

It came as a big surprise to me.My biggest problem was that since my monthly income had suddenly stopped, I could not find any source to pay hefty EMI of Rs 31,000 for my house bank loan. After struggling for 2 years,I had no option but to sell my both prized properties and pay off entire balance bank loan.Losing my two properties was a very big loss to me.

In other words,my loss of a high profile job and two hot properties in Mumbai’s posh locality was my AWARD for being a STAR PERFORMER.


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