Great! If you are!

It is superb that you have the courage to take that first step. Nothing changes until you change. But what’s the point of starting if you don’t finish!!

Leadership and greatness comes to those who follow-through; who stand for near-flawless execution; who stay with a projector, a persuit or an idea with a tenacity of a pit bull until the thing gets done,beautifully!!

So right here, right now, reach deep into your heart. And commit from the best place that inhabits you- to finish the important things you start.

Because anyone can take the first step. But only the remarkable ones stay on the path until they complete the 100th one.



I just read a quote that has provoked me:

” Growth is the only evidence of life”. Superb!! Actually splendid and smart words. They came from John Henry Newman.

I feel so excited. You know I adore the whole notion of growth. To me,that’s why we are here. To grow and expand through the work we do, the action we take and the lives we lead. Don’t just live your life,lead it!!

Growth really matters. It is what ultimately makes us feel fulfilled. It energizes us-even when it is uncomfortable, and most growth is. Makes us who we truly are!!



Only people who are willing to think differently can out-innovate everyone around them. Thinking the same thoughts produces the same results. Leadership is all about being the brave creative out in front in your marketspace and your career versus doing things the way everyone else does them.

Business does not need more copycats. It needs more dreamers.

Apple came up with the gorgeous and now ubiquitous i pod. Now there are so many products with the letter “i” in front of it. Too much copying. Not enough leading.

In one of our corporate business conference, we were told about a CEO who did something which made me smile. He hired a young wonderkid fresh out of business school- a kid who was not only brilliant, but thought differently, and was not afraid to voice his eccentric thoughts. The mandate of the new hire ?

Sit on the company’s management team and consistently challenge ideas that fostered the status quo. This man was paid to push the envelope. To evangelize innovation. To make things better by being unorthodox in a world where most of us are afraid to leave the crowd. 

So today, have conversations with people who are originals. Strive to leave the safe harbor of the known.

Make things better. Play bigger. And dream. 



I firmly believe in what they say: The harder and smarter you work, the luckier you get. You may wonder, “Is a remarkable life the result of luck or are series of natural law at play that produce great results once we align ourselves with them?

Well here is my answer. Good things happen to people who do good things. Do the right things and you cannot help but see the right results!!

The laws of nature are the same laws that rule our professional and personal lives. As you sow, so shall you reap. Care for and nurture your career or your health or your relationships and do you really believe that you will be denied an abundance of right results? NOT POSSIBLE!!

Sure, sometimes we get lucky. That’s just icing on the cake. To me, a rare-air life is the result of living in alignment with the laws of nature. Doing things like adding value to people you love and all those who surround you. Treating everyone you meet with love and respect. Being unexpectedly honest and surprisingly enthusiastic. 

Just keep doing these things and you will be fine. And remember, the more seeds you plant, the more plants you will see.



3F- Focus.Focus . Focus.

Focus plus time equals mastery. Please pause & think about that.What you concentrate on,you cannot help but become great at. The more you focus, the better you get.

Focus on being superb at what you do and, overtime, you will be known as remarkable.

Focus on you health and, of course, in time,it will get to splendid!

Focus on developing your kids and you cannot be denied having great kids and brilliant legacy.

Focus on your inner world and people will eventually call you wise and sorted.


                    Focus. Focus. Focus. On your burning priorities.


Somebody has brilliantly said: “Be so good that they cant ignore you” Love it. Life favours the devoted. The more you give to life, the more life sends back.

It is just not possible for you to be great at what you do, always reaching for your brilliance and standing for excellence, and not win in the end. It could be a long battle but eventually victory will be yours. It has happened wih me in the past and i am yet again on its way to experience it.

Yes! Sometimes discouragement sets in. Happens to all of us. We try hard, stay true to our dreams and pursue over ideals. Yet nothing happens for a very long time. Or so it seems.

But every choice matters. And every step counts. Life runs according to its own rule and agenda, not ours. Be patient, Trust! Be like the stonecutter, steadily chipping away, day after day. Eventually, a single blow will crack the stone and reveal the DIAMOND.

An enthusiastic, dedicated and determined person who is ridiculously good at what they do just cannot be denied. Seriously!




You spend your life or energy or talents chasing things: the more you get, the more you want. They never fulfill their promise of happiness. Its a pretty cruel ruse once you really think about it.

You get the car you have been dreaming of for years and after a few days, you are already thinking about the next one. You move into your dream home or get your dream job and within a couple of weeks, the attraction has faded and the sparkle has gone. Its no longer exciting. Your attention moves on to the next desire.

What i have experienced in my life is that things can never bring you joy that lasts!! 

I want to be incredibly clear: there is absolutely nothing wrong, in my mind, with having, collecting or wanting nice things. They make the climb to the mountaintop more pleasant.

I guess what i am trying to say is that perhaps the key for us is not to worship them. Not to get hooked by them. Not to be enslaved by all the things material.

Enjoy them. Just dont get caught in the trap they often set.

So yes, own things. Its a human hunger. Get the shiny objects of allure that call out for your attention. And once you own them, enjoy them. 

But dont let them own you. Possess them. Bt dont be possessed by them.