To be an effective leader, your people have to trust you and they have to be sold your vision.To get people develop such confidence in your leadership ability, you have to help them reach their own goal, and you have to possess an energy and positive attitude that is contagious-Says Ravi Singh

What makes people want to follow a particular leader? Honestly,there has never been much of a mystery about it.People want to be guided by those they respect, who are worthy of being followed and by those who have a clear sense of direction.So to become a successful leader,we have to convince our followers-not over ourselves or our superiors that we are credible leaders who are worthy of being followed!!

  1. GREAT MANAGERS vs GREAT LEADERS:There is a whole of a difference between a great manager and a great leader.Managers are people who do things right while leaders are people who do the right things.

  1. BE SOMEONE WHOM YOUR FOLLOWERS TRUST: You gain the trust of others by keeping your word,by doing what you you say will do.It is also important to stand up for your beliefs instead of shifting direction every time there is change in wind.People like to trust those they can count on,even when they disagree with their viewpoint, more than people they agree but who shift positions frequently.

  1. CONVINCE PEOPLE THAT YOU CAN MEET THEIR NEEDS: You begin by becoming good listener,and do something that convince them that you have their interest at heart.

  1. PROVING YOUR COMPETENCE: The surest way to prove your competence is to be consistently right.Obviously,that is not always going to be the case.Since you cannot exert total control over your track record,atleast try this!! Be clear what you know and what you do not know.Don’t pretend you have got all answers,or you have powers over factors which you cannot control. Continue your own education through training programme,by reading, and by talking to industry people outside your company.Therefore,continuously work to improve yourself.

  1. TOP 10 CHARACTERISTIC OF A LEADER: Integrity, imaginative/visionary, Competent, Forward-looking, Inspiring, Intelligent, Fair-minded, Broad-minded, courageous and Straightforward.

DEVELOPING A VISION:Picture what it must have been like for Piano turned milkshake-mixture salesman Ray Kroc to deliver eight machines to Richard & Maurice McDonald’s Bernardino Restaurant in 1952 to discover the line of customers waiting for hamburger and to come to sudden realization that he could probably make a fortune by franchising the McDonald brother’s drive-in-restaurant.(During the next five year’s Kroc organized a chain of 228 McDonald’s restaurant-the rest is, as we all know, is history)

The first basic ingredient of leadership is a guiding vision. Visionaries are able to focus sharply on a future that is filled with creative fresh ideas. Leaders reach for any opportunities to change, grow and improve and out of that reaching, they develop a vision for what needs to be done.

Find something that is not broken and fix it before it breaks. Assume that someday your company’s practices and products will be all wrong, and before that time arrives, figure out a way to improve or replace them.





1-ACCEPTABILITY: You must have pleasing manners,etiquette’s & charm so that you are first acceptable to others before you achieve anything through ‘PEOPLE’

2-ATTITUDE: Very important.Right attitude and body-language helps you to think and react positively in any given situation.

3-HONESTY:You should be honest to yourself,others and in everything you do.

4-FOCUS: You should have 100% focus on your target,like in Mahabharat,Arjun had his focus on eye lid of fish.He could not see anything else.

5-ORGANISE:You must organize yourself and all your resources in hand.

6-CREATIVE APPROACH: Creative mind is a fertile mind which helps you to ‘think and do’ things differently and achieve your objective in a non-conventional manner.

7-HARD WORK& DEDICATION:There is absolutely no shortcut to hard work and total dedication is a must.

8-FIRE IN BELLY:Also known as ‘X’factor.Fire within you is a must to succeed in any walk of life.

9-DO & THINK RIGHT:IN any complex situation,you must ask the right question rather than addressing wrong  question.Similarly,you must do the right things than doing wrong things rightly.

10-COMMONSENSE:Most effective human tools to achieve anything in life.





1-BE LOYAL: Bosses can forgive carelessness,stupidity,tardiness and the occasional temper tantrum.These can be corrected,BUT DISLOYALTY IS A TRUE CHARACTER FLAW.You cannot and will not be TRUSTED.Remember this.


2-KEEP THE BOSS INFORMED: Such as about what you are doing,where you are,who you are to and why.Bomb the boss with all relevant information until he says ‘STOP’.No one has ever lost his job for telling the boss too much.


3- EMBRACE THE CHANGE: Even if you do not understand it.Any boss,as part of his job, instigate change.It is not your job to resist.


4-RESPECT BOSS’S TIME:If you need 30 minute with him,do not  take 60.Better yet,take 20.


5-DON’T TREAD ON HIS TURF: Atleast not without his permission.


6-FOLLOW UP QUICKLY: Bosses do not pull out a stop watch when they give a command.But,trust me,their internal clock is ticking.


7-VEILD COMMAND:Like most people,you probably have the good sense to obey a direct command.If the boss says ‘jump’ you jump.But the best bosses are not so crude.They want subordinate to think for themselves and,therefore,they do not give explicit orders.They imply.BE ALERT TO THIS.


8-BE A CALMING INFLUENCE: Being a calm voice is a wise strategy in almost any any situation.The more heated the other party is,the cooler you should be.If you can keep your head,while all those around you are losing theirs,YOUR AUTHORITY WILL ALWAYS EXCEED THEIRS.


9-STICK TO POINT:One of the easiest way to influence a situation is to help the participant stay in the subject.People gravitate not only to the wise person but to the disciplined one as well.


10-BE SELF STARTER: Do not rely on someone  else’s initiates.Take the initiatives yourself.In most group situations,the person who initiate a project or concept usually becomes the authority in the area.


11-PRAISE PEOPLE: Praise is a subtle and wonderfully effective way to gain influence over people.It is effective because three things happen when you praise someone.1- the person likes hearing it; 2- he likes you for saying it; 3- he wants to hear more.


12-RANCH ON ONE BOSS: Do not bet on  the ranch on one boss.Each of us knows employees who take advantage of their proximity or access to the head of their company.Having a mentor or ally in the top ranks can give your career a powerful boost.But billing your career on the boss is a double edged sword-please avoid it!!


13-USE THE BOSS: Bosses like to be used,no matter how isolated they seem or how far removed from day-to-day activity.Every boss loves to be given an opportunity to demonstrate that he or she can still hack it in the tenches.


14-ACT AS IF YOU HAVE INFLUENCE:As a general rule,if you want to become the boss,start acting like one.The people who go ahead are not necessarily smarter.They simply have a better understanding of this influence and they are not afraid to exercise it.While their rivals are making a recommendation,the winners are already in action.



1-What is the Most Important Word….in the dictionary? It is the sound of your name.And how cheerful you feel when someone remembers it.It certainly makes you like him,doesn’t it ? And how small you feel,if someone who should have remembered,forgets your name.For most people,their names(especially  first name) are the most important word in the world.


2-Being Psychoanalyzed: Why do we criticize?If it is because we want people to do better work and improve in future,it is all well and good, but is that the real reason?Analyze your motives.It will help you a lot.


3-Let it Simmer:Do you know that in your ordinary day-to-day life,it also does a lot of good if you let things simmer.A delay of a day or  two seldom does any harm.But if you do a thing in a hurry and in anger and retort with a furious reply,the damage done  may be enormous.And it may take months of hard work to put things right again.


4-Pave the way:This is what one must do before you criticize anybody.If people have done something the wrong way and even if they know that they are in the wrong,they will resent it bitterly if you tell them so.You may first talk about neutral subject.Then find something you can braise.Pave the way.People will then take cricism willingly,otherwise,they will fight to the last to prove BLACK IS WHITE.


5-Eat it….that’s the worst about threats.We mostly threaten without thinking,and in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred,we have to eat our threats simply because we just cannot carry them out.So don’t threaten,because,when you have to eat your words,it is very humiliating.It does not do you or anybody any good!!


6-Readymade suits:you must have found that in most cases they do not  fit.It is same with readymade answers.When someone brings a problem,you should not give him a quick readymade answer,even if you know it is the right one.Instead help him to think out the answer for himself.Let him workout his own solution.It is far better this way than giving him the answer straightway.you will never find a faster way of making people more efficient.


7-The little Personal Touches:Its little personal touches that make all the difference.If one of your man is away sick,enquire about his health when he comes back.It does not take too much time or effort.It is just  a question of being thoughtful. Believe me,these little human touches certainly makes all the difference.


8-Listen Patiently:The best way to handle complaints is simply to listen patiently and attentively.A man often only wants to get something off his HEAD AND CHEST.





We often have a tendency to believe that the first person to have an idea wins the race,gets to glory and reaps the benefits.But,in practice,this may not often be the case.

Lets examine a few   cases:

CASE-1 :    A visionary developer look at a swamp(permanently water logged land and partially forested) and imagines a luxurious resort.He drains the swamps and clears the land which takes a lot of time and costs a great deal of money.He has yet to turn a profit and his debt obligations are staggering.He is just about to dig the first foundation when his partners get tired of waiting and eventually pull the plug.

So the visionary developer,the person who had first conceived the idea,has no choice but to give up, and he is lucky if he recovers his debt.

CASE-2: Enter developer two,the second person to have the idea.He looks at the prospective resort and he no longer sees the swamp and virgin forest.He sees drained,cleared land that can be picked up at a reasonable price.So he buys the property.

But he has his own troubles.He has to put together a massive workforce to built the place.He has got to find water.He has got to bring in power and lay roads.All this is costing a lot of money and like the first fellow,has yet to make any profit.Lets say this second developer gets as far as printing up one of those glossy brochures with artistic impressions that make the half finished resort look like recreation of the garden of Eden.

You have got your palm trees,your golf course,your sunset view.Now a pretty hefty price tag has to be attached to those condominiums(Building apartment) for  a couple of reasons: a big investment has to be recouped and developer  is determined to position his property as exclusive and high-end real estate.But developer two meets unexpecred resistence on the marketing end.The buyers are not much eager to pay the hefty price for a half finished resort in a place they have never heared off.Months passes on and creditors start demanding their money and developer two also bails out.


CASE-3: Along comes developer three-the one who has sharp marketing acumen and is determined to cash in on idea of the new resort.He pays a forced-sale price for the already improved real estate.He inherit a situation where atleast some public awareness has already been created.

With the power of money he has not spent on clearing and draining,building and paving, he launched a massive marketing effort.He advertised,wooed the sort of prestigious guests who are certain to attract others.The chances are that he will do very well indeed.



Secret of maintaining a healthy Relationship.

  • HONESTY: This is the first &foremost quality you should have to maintain a Healthy Relationship. Be honest in everything you do.


  • GOOD HUMAN BEING: you can handle any or multiple complex Relationship provided you are a good human being.


  • About 99.9% Relationship fell apart because of communication problem they just don’t communicate with each other.Right communication does not mean what you ‘say’ to others but what is perceived by others.PLEASE ALWAYS COMMUNICATE effectively.


  • DEFEAT-There is no word like ‘DEFEAT’ in a Relationship.At times,you must learn to take one step back to maintain a harmonious Relationship.


  • IGNORE-Learn to ignore certain negative behavior in a person for a better relationship.


  • RESPECT-Always have respect for other’s views and feeling,be patient to listen to others.


  • COMMITMENT-Never back out from your commitment.


  • GIVE &TAKE: Never think what others have given to you.Think what you can give to others and make it a way of life.


  • Avoid ‘Fly by Night’ approach and maintain Relationship in ‘ Thick&Thin’ situation.Accept both good and bad in any relationship.